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Team Pango

About us


Who's Pango?

First of all, do you know that Pango is a little blue raccoon?

Don't say he looks like a Panda, he'd be offended...


Our Philosophy

Screens for your children, yes, but done intelligently!

bunny on a slide

Learning through play

Play for FUN. We learn the best by playing!

The magic recipe of our studio: preserve JOY, CURIOSITY, IMAGINATION... and the rest will follow!

It is true that playing a Pango game also sharpens one’s sense of observation and orientation (2D, sometimes 3D). Without realizing it, it develops one’s logic, concentration and intuition. Not to mention fine motor skills for the younger ones!

It is sometimes necessary to solve puzzles, explore universes and assemble or organize objects for better constructions.

In short, in bringing joy and a good mood, our applications help train several skills and abilities.

Piggy eating candy

Games adapted for the age of your children

Specially thought out and designed for small fingers, our applications are always intuitive and simple to use. The more independent the child is, the more he or she appreciates being like a grown-up!

No Stress: no time limit or point counter. With Pango games, children are free to play and experiment at their own pace.

Finally, to protect your children, our games are designed free of any invasive advertising.

The Team

A passionate team

Just like their characters, the four founders of Studio Pango have been friends for a long time and decided, one day, to create their own business.

Passionate about their profession, they are doing their best to captivate the children with each new game.

Julien Akita

CEO, Executive Producer

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Lise Melinand

Art Director

Nicolas Blanc

Creative Director

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Mathieu Akita

Technical Art Director

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Armand Besombes

Technical Director & Game Developer

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Stéphane Lison

Game Developer

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Valentin Lafort

Music Composer & Sound Designer

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Do you want to contact us?

Leave us a message at pango[at]